Mud Client Support Table

Mud Protocol Recommendations

If you see any inaccuracies or have info on a later version of a client, or a new client entirely, please send me your info.

reviews brief list

Name/Versionmudlet 4.16.0
Web Page
Platformwindows, mac, linux, freebsd
Informant Stephen Lyons (SlySven)
IAC IAC treated as '' (or whatever)? not correctly handled currently for Latin1 encoding as is used internally for GA/EOR - use UTF-8 to prevent this
IAC NOP (keepalive) ignoredyes
ECHO hides passwords?yes
Negotiates EOR?yes
CSI as shortcut for ESC]no
ESC]22m turns bold off?yes
ESC]39m sets default foregroundyes
ESC]m resetsyes
VT100 special graphics (lines)?no
8bit clean?yes
TTYPE (Terminal-Type) option?yes : "Mudlet " + x.y.z version number
NAWS (Window-Size) option?yes
xterm titlebar?no
Unicode support?yes - as UTF-8
Isolated CR honoured?no (line-mode operation means it is not possible to support CR+NUL - treated as a CR+LF)
MXP supportyes
MCCP supportyes (though MCCP2 is also supported and recommended instead)
SSL supportyes
Underline supportyes
Italic supportyes
Blink supportno (converted to italic currently, medium/long term plans to implement with end-user permission to allow it or not {default being not} for their safety with photo-sensitive epilepsy)
Inverse supportyes
Will beep on BELyes