Geyser HP Bar

Geyser is an object oriented framework for creating, updating and organizing GUI elements within Mudlet.
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Geyser HP Bar

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I could use some help with the Geyser HP Bar. I have created an HP bar using cMUD before but not able to figure this one out. I have the gauage script and that is working. My main problem is making a trigger to capture my HP/MOVE/MANA. This is where I could truly use some help because the MUD I play displays and updates the stats a lot different than most... more difficult I would say. Thank you so much.

This is how my MUD currently displays on a normal basis: H:1443 M:90 V:191 >

When a value maxes out, it goes way. For example: H:1458 M:96 > and H:1467 > and then finally when all values are maxed it only appears like this: >

The only way to capture the max values is by typing score. And when you type score you get this: You have 1490(1490) hit, 100(100) mana and 202(202) movement.

The way I had it set up on cMUD is that when you needed to update the max value, like changing gear or gaining levels, you would just type score and it would update.

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