Display window/nest on top?

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Display window/nest on top?

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Is there a way to force a window to display on top?

As as example, I have a horizontal bar that is divided into 20 sections, each containing a label (1-20).

If I make the label at position 5 nestable (4 would be to the left, 6 to the right) when I display the nest the contents of label 6 are drawn afterwards/overwrite it, while the contents of labels 4 and 5 are overwritten by the nest.

edit - While not moving windows to top, I was able to change things to work properly.

I found a quote in an older post from Heiko mentioning that labels are drawn in creation order.

Previously, I would be creating 4, 5+nest, then 6.

Changing the order to 4,6,5+nest worked. I should probably separate out the nest completely, and create 4,5,6 and then nest elements.

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