SpamBot name and shame

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SpamBot name and shame

Post by SlySven »

I am posting this (very long) list of "members" here for two purposes:

1) So that Vadim/Demonic have a list of members that I have banned for posting spam messages as "new members awaiting first post approval" - (whom they can then take steps to either blank out the gory/dangerous/obscene/malware URLs and other materials in the users' profile that "pollute" both that and the website field of the "Members" listings) OR delete them entirely. A listing of one name per line is the most useful way to convey this for further processing but does make it harder on a web-browser! ;)

2) So that everyone else can quickly look up if a user has been "banned" as we do not display that information anywhere and whilst such a thing is in place that user will not be posting anything more here. Admittedly this is not going to be anything like complete because I only recently started to compile my own records of the usernames of those that fail* the first post approval mechanism for Spam related reasons - but it might help others to realise just how much crud we are seeing on a daily basis. :o

* - Don't worry about your first message to us not being up to scratch and getting banned straight off - over the last six months or so my detection systems have been thoroughly exercised and it is my belief that only posters whose messages have not had any human input into their creation will get on here - if your message makes sense and is not a copy of a long dead posting from another forum type site (yes we do get such things and they are not quite so easy to detect as Spam as those that promise certain pharmaceutical produces or pictures of men/women/other doing things to each other that are not generally considered polite in a public environment :o ) then the worse that would happen for a really off-topic post (if not addressed to this, the "Whatever" area!) is that you will get feedback about why the message was not approved or it will get moved to "Whatever" - and if it does not get approved you will be able to try again. In all honesty I think I can count on one hand all the posters that fell this category whom were humans that were responsive to subsequent forum/email correspondence...

If there is a mistake, you are a real human being and your name appears here in error then please contact me (or another staff member here if you have their details) - MY email address appears as my lower case user name here pre-pended onto my @ISP name in many of the source code files {the *.cpp and *.h file types in the /src directory} at our GitHub repository, so you will need to do a little digging to get it - sorry for having to use such an indirect means to inform you of this but displaying an EMail address here would not be wise! :roll:

Recent members identified as "Spam-Bots" since ----/--/-- (Count: ----):
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Re: SpamBot name and shame

Post by Vadi »

Wiped them all. Big thanks for the list.