ROGUE: Its Coming

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ROGUE: Its Coming

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Star Wars: Rogue MUSH is hiring!

Currently porting SWNW (penn) to RhostMUSH /w HSpace.

What sets up apart?

--> NO restrictions. Wanna play a jedi? Play a fricking Jedi.
--> HSpace 4.2.2 on RhostMUSH
-->Dedicated Server. No wikia ads, no waiting. Does a much need 6GB of ram and 4xProcessors with an SSD? Heck no. Do we have it? Heck yes.
--> 5 Coders. Yes that's right. 5 Coders. RP/Theme Wiz's. A Space Wiz. We just need a Head Grid Wiz and a building team.
--> Ashen-Shugar, DEV of RhostMUSH, on staff.
--> Volund, DEV of Volund's MUSH SUITE, on staff.

Want to learn more? Login to 4200 or checkout

@mail Fantom or email at [email protected]


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