Lua For Beginners (coding tutorial link)

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Lua For Beginners (coding tutorial link)

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I hope it's ok if i post this here. I'm not affiliated with the site in anyway shape of form. Please delete the post if it's not acceptable.
I was looking for some information on my daughters schools website today and stumbled across a section they have added titled Coding Dojo. I guess the county is going to try to get with the times and start teaching the kids something cool! anyway here is a link to one of the sites they reference for the kids to practice on. I'm working my way through it just to see what it's about. You can set the language to LUA and go from there. It seems pretty straightforward so far. You command a hero using LUA they are teaching you to collect gems and kill things. Exp for kills grants levels which unlock better gear. Gems are used to buy the gear that make you better....

They do seem to offer an option to use cash to buy extra gems, but I'm not sure they are really needed. Hope it was ok to share this.

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