Announcement: Closure of Midkemia-Online MUD

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Announcement: Closure of Midkemia-Online MUD

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Somehow I got onto the mailing list for the Midkemia MUD that is operated by Iron Realms Entertainments and received this announcement which I am putting here for information:
Matt Mihály, CEO - Iron Realms Entertainment wrote:Hi folks,

If you're subscribed to the Midkemia list, you already got the news that we are shutting down MKO on September 9th. Otherwise, now you know. Unfortunately, the fact that Midkemia isn't our intellectual property and that we have an annual license fee to pay to its author forced our hand. MKO is just too small to afford that fee going forward.

Our other MUDs don't have this problem, because the only costs that really matter are staff compensation, which can be scaled up or down. With MKO, we have this fairly big payment due around the beginning of September every year, and this year MKO has gotten to the point that we can't justify making the payment.

So, you don't need to worry about our other MUDs going anywhere. They're there for the long haul.

On another note, you're going to be seeing some MKO refugees use their retirement credits and join your games. Please, please make them feel welcome. They've just lost their online home, and it can be really intimidating to join a community as intense as ours are. Help them out!


Matt Mihály
CEO, Iron Realms Entertainment.

As some of you may have noticed we do have extra code internal to Mudlet that provides some additional functionality for the, currently, FIVE IRE MUDs {Achaea, Aoetolia, Imperian, Lusternia and Midkemia-Online} whilst we will be taking steps to remove stuff for and mentions of Midkemia from the code-base going forward after the September plug-pulling that will not change existing versions of Mudlet out there. The most obvious of thing which users of existing Mudlet versions may wish to do at the relevant time is removal of the predefined Midkemia option in the Play/Connect dialogue which I think can be done with the "Remove" button - however as this should delete any stuff in that profile on your file-system (I will check and update this when I have something to say) I would not recommend doing that until you have salvaged any scripts or other resources stored there if you want/need to do so. :shock:

The observant of you may have noticed the news of a NEW IRE MUD that is getting ready to roll-out which I mentioned here - one might speculate that Mr Mihály is not telling us absolutely everything behind the termination of a MUD that requires them to pay a fee to the Author of the literary series on which it is based, thereby freeing up some hardware that may form the platform for a different one that is an in-house project...



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