Welcome to Mudlet international section!

Hallo! ¡Buenos días! 问候! Benvenuto! Как дела? - Meet other non-English users here.
Including but not limited to: Deutsch, Español, 中文, Italiano, Pусский, etc.
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Welcome to Mudlet international section!

Post by Zaphob »

A warm and friendly welcome to all our users who can speak or write (or maybe just read) more languages than English only!

How are you? Nice to see you! Please settle around and help other users here, who may not be as versatile in English as you are.

As you may already know, Mudlet team is working to make Mudlet available in multiple languages in the future. This is an important goal.

To do this, we will have to code a little more, and we will definitely need much help from native speakers around the world, to help translate all Mudlet texts to your language, both inside Mudlet itself and on the different web-presences which present information to Mudlet users as well.

During the next weeks and months, there will be more detailed announcements with more information on all of this.
Until then, please let us know any ideas or doubts you may have about this or Mudlet in general. Thank you! :mrgreen:

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Re: Welcome to Mudlet international section!

Post by Vadi »

Здраствуйте все!

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Re: Welcome to Mudlet international section!

Post by SlySven »

Humm, Google translate suggests it might have been:
Здравствуйте все!
but hey perhaps it is a dialect variation - we really need that phpBB add-on to access an online translation to any tongue but my Welsh is non-existent so I am dependent on GT to say "Helo pawb!"

P.S. NO - we are not going to do a Klingon translation ;)

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