New member - cannot post code

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New member - cannot post code

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Heya, I just started using mudlet, based on recommendations from a friend. I'm a long time zmud/cmud user and I'm attempting to transfer everything over and it's been a loonnnnng week of 16 hour days reading the wiki and forum posts and testing solutions.

Anyway, I've got a coding/speedwalking question that I would like to post in the mapper forum. I'm trying to add my code to a code box to show what I've done so far, but it won't let the post go through, saying prompt dot room (from map dot prompt dot room in the code) is a website.

Is there a way around this so I can actually post my question, along with the code that I've used so far? I've tried the code and lua bracketed separators and this thing is really giving me a fit.

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Re: New member - cannot post code

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Unfortunately the spam bots get smarter and smarter, but now your first post is approved you should be ok

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