Mudlet 101 video series

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Mudlet 101 video series

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Hi there!

Did you know we have an official Mudlet YouTube channel? Well, we do! We haven't really done anything with it though, and today we're changing that by launching the Mudlet 101 series.

Mudlet 101 is a series of videos explaining the basics of using Mudlet, starting at downloading the client and working up through basics aliases. At least to start! I intend to release one video a week to grow the library of video tutorials for Mudlet.

Check out the Mudlet youtube channel at ... MW5RhKaUPQ

And the Mudlet 101 playlist is available at ... kBeh9Zdfu8

I hope you'll come check them out and let us know what you think. I'm still sorting out my tooling and process, but I think I've just about got one I like.

Until next time,
Happy MU*ing

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Re: Mudlet 101 video series

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I love it thank you and please keep them coming.

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