Any other enginerds/devs having a hard time searching for simple things?

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Any other enginerds/devs having a hard time searching for simple things?

Post by nullByte »

TLDR; I'm old, grumpy, and am getting mad at simple search terms like "mudlet sleep/delay method" or "WoW style timer bar" turning up nada. How old do I need to be mentally for maximum success?

I'll be the first to admit that my point-of-view on coding/scripting/dev is scewed. I've been scripting longer than some of you yungins have been alive. I started in Solaris. Evolved/"migrated" to shell <insert flavor here> with *nix. Mastered my craft on green monochrome 9 inch (230mm) CRT monitors that made your hair stand on end if you touched the glass and the OG mechanical keyboards that built fat fingers and required true intention in what you were typing. I used to have to write my own patches to "port" TinTin to *nix/Mac.

I'm using Mudlet for Network Engineering/Whitehat Network Security purposes. It has been a real fun challenge. I'm just now starting to get into my groove with LUA, and now wanting to throw some gooey at my client. Here's where I'm struggling. The video content is good for certain demographics, but not mine. The wiki is organized in a way that makes little sense to me as a professional.

This has become more difficult in the past 5 years as more and more forums are requiring posts to be as narrow in scope as humanly possible without any references to competing/similar products. As if the idea of mixing two related concepts is diluting the problem...

Ok, next up on the soap box? How much of a whiny brat am I being?

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Re: Any other enginerds/devs having a hard time searching for simple things?

Post by Vadi »

Hey fair concern. There's a lot of information in the manual but we don't necessarily look at it from a SEO lens, any help there would be welcome :)

For the wait/delay method, check out the page, especially the timers part within. is a good page for all things UI, including timers/gauges.

Don't be shy to join our Discord community ( as well, there's plenty of folk around there to help you. It ended up displacing our IRC server rather naturally as it's easier for most to use.

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Re: Any other enginerds/devs having a hard time searching for simple things?

Post by demonnic »

I'm not sure what a wow style timer bar is but a quick google make me think that my TimerGauge might be what you want. They're part of the MDK, which is available on GitHub at . And a link to the TimerGauge example page on the MDK wiki: ... A-Examples . It extends Geyser.Gauge, and has an optional hook to fire when the timer runs out. There may be some other bits and bobs there which can help your adventures in gooeyland as well. You might also look over my github for some examples, though I don't know that I have any which make use of the timers at the moment, I do have examples which use several of the other MDK libs. You may want to check out ftext, specifically ftext.TableMaker if you're a fan of the mostly-text aesthetic, as well as the TextGauges. I haven't figured out a great way to make the text gauges also be timers, but I should spend some more time cracking that nut.

I'd be interested in hearing more about how Mudlet fits into a NetEng/Security workflow, that sounds pretty cool. And I'm always keen to hear how people are leveraging Mudlet in new and interesting ways =)

As for the wiki layout, do you have any suggestions as to how you feel it might be better? We're always looking to improve our documentation.

I haven't had time to get into the more advanced topics in the videos yet. Right now they're very low level "this is an alias and how you make one" kind of stuff. Another thing I need to make more time for. heh.

We don't really mind if you reference a 'competing' product in our discord or on our forums, it can sometimes be helpful to quickly describe what you mean, as long as there's someone available who is familiar with the other client to help translate. We think our client is the best (would be kind of silly if we didn't) but I hardly think the way to show that is to try and pretend the other clients don't exist. And I also don't feel like it's a competition. We just try to make the best client we can.

If there's anything else we can help sort out, let us know. I'm happy to help, and I'm usually available on our Discord if you want more immediate assistance. And even if I'm not around, we have lots of help people who hang out there and can help you as well.

And finally, I don't think you're being whiny. It can definitely be hard to search up some of that stuff. Mudlet is just one client amongst a far larger number than many might expect especially considering how niche the genre is. And more being made all the time.

Anyway, it's 2:30am and I really should get to sleep. =)

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