Is there a mud that relies on 'auto'-UPPERCASING MXP menu hints/tooltips

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Is there a mud that relies on 'auto'-UPPERCASING MXP menu hints/tooltips

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Hi people,

Are you using Mudlet to play a mud using MXP? If so, are tooltips on the links display in all uppercase? At least some of them?

The reason I'm asking is that in a somewhat special situation Mudlet forces the hint/tooltip text to be all uppercase.
This seems a bit irritating and wrong to me, as I think Mudlet should just use the text provided by the mud and not modify it without good reason.

I'd like to know if there are really muds out relying on this and what mudlet users think about it. Are your mud's tooltips printed in uppercase?
Do you care if they are no longer forced to be? There is a snapshot of a mudlet version which does no longer enforce uppercase (link below) and some more background info can be found on . Note that this development includes a bunch of other mxp related enhancements - which - however - should not effect anyone as they merely add new, missing, features.

I'd just like to know what users think about the uppercasing issue.

Best regards.

You can directly test the changes here:

linux: ... pImage.tar
osx: ... 2c35a8.dmg
windows: ...

No need to install anything - just unzip and run.

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