Plant Harvester (Achaea)

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Plant Harvester (Achaea)

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Hello everyone!

So, i realized, i could not for the life of me find ANY harvesting scripts anywhere, so today, i took the day to figure it out, im by no means great at coding, but i believe i have done a decent job here!

so, simply install the package

Aliases are:

vharv -- this checks the room and then begins harvesting what you have enabled.
vh plantname on/off -- to enable or disable plants that you want to actually pick, ex: vh elm off -- would disable elm and wouldnt try and pick it.
vhshow -- displays all the plants you have enabled/disabled currently.
vhreset -- Resets all the values of the plants you are attempting to harvest in the moment, a good way to shut down harvesting the room you are in.
vhar on/off -- enable or disable auto rifting, ex: vhar on -- would enable it so that when you finish harvesting a room, it will auto rift what you harvest.

I think thats about it really, if you come across any issues please let me know!

if you feel like i did a great job, feel free to comment or tip me a credit if you enjoy it!

special credit to demonnic for all of the teaching they did in helping me accomplish this script!
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