Bugs in MXP implementation, is this work in progress?

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Re: Bugs in MXP implementation, is this work in progress?

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All that said. I've a state where I basically can play our mud w/o any noticably MXP glitches.
I'm new to Github, so bear with me. I created a new branch and a pull request to development to have it included there and hopefully in one of the next releases. I hope I set this up right

Working on the sources I realized that several things are different. Many things are actually present and have been considered, but they just don't work.
For example, there already is code to detect and manage the MXP modes or there was complex code for entities, but it does/did not have any or the desired effects.

I can confirm that the code explicitly only uses the last char of the value of an &entity; outside of MXP tags because TBuffer.cpp can only handle 1 char at once easily. I also could not code a working \b easily because of that. At this point, I did not dare to change it. I got the impression that this is also the reason why ½ does not work: it uses a multichar UTF-8 encoding. I might work on that, also allow for VT-100 style line graphics and \b but it will need some reorganisation of TBuffer::translateToPlainText (HEY: it uses a goto.. Oh, I don't have anything against it, I was just surprised because people usually condemn them to hell: long life goto!)

Support for EXPIRE would also greatly enhance the MXP experience.

BTW, I noticed it's a config option to allow sending empty lines by hitting <return>, so that's ok. A way to send a tab char when editing game files would be great though. Autocompletion to typical words is ok... but not always great.

I saw a bunch of other things that could be improved, but getting the current patches into mudlet first is of paramount importance to me, because only then mudlet is a feasable choice for our players.

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