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So I'm wanting to make a full conversion from something like MUSHClient to Mudlet, but there are a few things I'm still trying to figure out, like timestamps.

In MUSH, for instance, I can hover over a line and get the exact time it was posted, including the day.

Is it possible to have a similar function in Mudlet and I'm just missing it? I'm someone who can leave a MUD running for days, and it can become a bit of a challenge to go back in my buffer to see when something happened since when it comes to days my memory isn't all too good. I know there's a button in the bottom right that turns on 'Timestamps', but that only seems to display the time, not day, and also appends it to the front of the lines which makes it look a bit messy.

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Re: Timestamps

Post by demonnic »

There is no such hover-for-timestamp functionality built in to Mudlet, though it could maybe be replicated to an extent using scripting. There's also not currently any way to change the timestamp format which I'm aware of.

It may be worth filing a feature request for custom timestamp formatting over at https://github.com/Mudlet/Mudlet/issues/new . You can put one in for the hover-for-timestamp functionality also but I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement and not interfere with the tooltips for links etc.

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